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The award winning pub called ‘Ours’ on Elmton Road in Creswell, having been named small business of the year at the prestigious, Elastic FM business award ceremony held at Chesterfields football ground last year continues to go from strength to strength. The brand new lounge grand opened back in March 2018. Lee  and Peter took on the lease at the previously troubled pub just over three and a half years ago. The pub had a developed a reputation trouble and police were in attendance most weekend nights until it went out of business. Lee and Peter immediately put their foot down and excluded many customers re-entering the pub.  very quickly new customers starting attending and the business started to grow.

The pub now has two rooms to spend time in.  The bar has a pool table that’s just 10p a game, a dart board, XBox 1, a playstation and a selection of board games for you to
challenge friends. The new lounge will host 5 nights of entertainment. Quiz night, Poker night, Bingo, Flashback Friday which resident DJ Laura Campbell only plays hits from the 60’s 70’s & 80’s and then Saturday night LIVE with live entertainment and a DJ every week.

The recent addition of the sheltered seating area at the rear of the pub is carpeted  and furnished with sofa’s, a reclining armchair, tables and benches. The overall appearance has been made to look like 3 outdoor living rooms. The 2 barbeque station’s are perfect for summer parties. Lee says “Customers book to use the barbeques free of charge, they bring their own food, they cook and we clean up afterwards”.

With each station fitted with a wireless doorbell there is no need to leave the party to fetch drinks, just press the doorbell and staff will come and serve you. 

Over the last 2 years, the pub has developed a reputation of providing quality drinks at affordable prices, a high standard of service and a great atmosphere that welcomes everyone. “There is only one pub rule”, says Lee. “That is, Have respect, respect for other customers, respect for the neighbours, respect for the pubs property and respect for the staff”. Anyone showing lack of respect for any of those is very quickly shown the door. 

The new lounge certainly looks completely different to any pub around. There are  800 vinyl LP’s filling one whole wall and stretching right across the ceiling. There is artificial grass on the bar, the chimney breast and the floor of the stage. The pub has rescued four 14ft long church pews that are 160 years old from a church in County Durham that was about to be knocked down. Thanks to a local joinery company in Worksop and a soft furnishing company in Barlborough, who have made bespoke cushions to sit on, the pews really help to add character to this unique room. Two full size real working traffic lights fitted with flashing units, that flash to the beat of the music and two, 12 arm glass chandeliers really light up the room. 

The pub now gives us opportunity to host a weekly programme of entertainment that will make it worth while for customers to get dressed up and head out off their own sofa. Being a free house, Lee and Peter have been able to negotiate with suppliers a pricing policy that makes them cheaper than some social clubs. Carling is JUST £2.70 and John Smiths JUST £2.50 a pint. Order a pint of ‘Ours’, the house lager for JUST £1.99. For customers that don’t want to or are unable to drink alcohol, “We are the only pub around that stocks non-alcoholic lager, cider, Gin & Tonic, white & Rose wine and a selection of mocktails” says Lee

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